UFC Undisputed 2010 Teaser

MMA Fight Videos at www.mmavortex.com Get ready to kick some more heads as the mixed martial arts phenomenon UFC unveils their latest trailer for UFC Undisputed 2010.


  1. Riceboy232 says:

    This was the 2009 trailer.

  2. shottaz83 says:

    people dont believe this trailer its like 3 years old i remember seeing it as the teaser for undisputed 2009

  3. vietguy808 says:

    @beezydatwarrior21 its this guy is just a dumbass tht wants attention

  4. emilioszz says:

    i hope ufc 2010 is going to look like this..

  5. beezydatwarrior21 says:

    i culdve sworn this was the 09 trailer?

  6. ludithesoldier says:

    hey guys look at my videos from ufc 2010 it’s amazing! what you can do at this new version… you r free to wish u some new videos or tutorials for UFC 2010

  7. MALIRIPPA says:

    i just got my exclusive demo from psn yesterday ITS CRAZY much more variety plus its ramåage rashad shogun and machida and in demo only issue for me is dat i love ground game and ground and pound but transition and reversals have changed and made it much more challenging good demo dow

  8. wesl8160 says:

    this is a sick trailer

  9. TheMatthewCottom says:

    dang i cant wait to get my copy.

  10. snrub92 says:

    @montoya702 yea i had that yahoo didnt work so i had to use aol and it was in spam

  11. montoya702 says:

    @7Nestor7 hey. i got it last night. i just made i gmail and it sent in like a second. soo try that man

  12. SASAussie says:

    Roman Luknicki (610) 737-7686 doesn’t know anything about MMA or Boxing. He said Clay Guida wasn’t going to be in the game when he is.

  13. martinimvu says:


    Not gonna continue an arguement over fighters i don’t care about.
    Wanderlei is my favorite too >.>
    He’d be more beast if he could do stomps to the face in UFC like in pride lol.

  14. 7Nestor7 says:

    Samee Here Buddy. But You See As You Registed It Said If Your Email Is Yahoo It Can Take Up Too 2 days Too Reiceve Your Confirmation Email..

  15. montoya702 says:

    is anyone else having trouble getting the e-mail from ufcundisputed?
    please help me me, or some tips soo i can get the e-mail to verify the account.

  16. ClearDream says:

    @martinimvu Oh yea, your correct, it wasn’t a tko, Chuck threw in the towel. That’s better. And you just contradicted yourself and helped my point originally: Your dumb argument was Rampage couldn’t slam chuck like that, only small asian fighters, and now chuck has a belly? LOL. Arona was 200+lbs when he got slammed? It doesn’t matter. Idk why I’m arguing as Rampage buttfucked Chuck twice anyway. Who cares if he can slam he, he can KO/Beat him into quitting. lol (Plus Wanderlei’s my fav anyway.)

  17. vietguy808 says:


    ur a dumbass….this 2009 teaser

  18. ufcwwenightmare says:

    this shit look fake as helll and i wish it looked this good

  19. martinimvu says:

    @ClearDream Oh and plus, I don’t recall seeing a tko.

  20. martinimvu says:

    @ClearDream Chucks not my favorite fighter :P
    Don’t assume he is just because I said he can’t do that.

    And the slam in the pride fight was barely a slam.
    It was basically he took his legs from under him and leaned forward and dropped down with him.

    This little teaser is like a ricardo arona slam.

  21. ClearDream says:

    @martinimvu Oh wait, Rampage slammed Chuck in their first fight in Pride, and Ground and pounded him into a tko. And the second time, well chuck wasn’t in the position to get slammed, because he was KOd. Next time don’t talk out of your ass for your favorite fighter when you know nothing about him.

  22. ClearDream says:

    @martinimvu LOL. Obviously an MMA rookie. You havn’t seen when rampage slammed arona? who was 200+? or countless others. Sorry man, you have no idea what your talking about. Chubby chuck? Lol. What an idiot, fanboy.

  23. Art3ever says:

    y if it would look like this

  24. hackpln says:

    if someone wants the demo , i can invite to the ufc website , i will recive 100points so as the person i invited, and with the points we can purchase some cool stufs. if someone wants, send message or email me

  25. danmaani says:

    @martinimvu arona he picked up arona who used to be a heavyweight

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