UFC 114

Ever since they competed against each other as coaches on season ten of The Ultimate Fighter, light heavyweight superstars Quinton Rampage Jackson and Suga Rashad Evans have had one of the most heated rivalries in the history of the UFC. These two former 205-pound champions finally get their chance to settle the score in the main event of UFC 114, and it promises to be one of the most intense showdowns of 2010. LIVE on MAIN EVENT 30 MAY @ 12pm AEST ORDER NOW! FOXTEL subscribers call 131 999 Austar subscribers call 132 492 Optus subscribers call 13 31 61


  1. kanguesso says:

    @Narutardpwner92 Maybe, but like Mir said, There is a HUGE difference between sparring in the cage and fighting in the octagon in front of millions. He also said there is no real substitute for the real fight. If you haven’t been fighting consistently, you’ll feel the rust. now whether or not that impedes you from actually winning the fight is another story. But like you say, we’ll see in a couple of weeks.

  2. Narutardpwner92 says:

    @kanguesso maybe it depends on how much rampage trained in a cage during sparring. it depends we will see in a couple weeks.

  3. kanguesso says:

    @Narutardpwner92 I don’t know if he’s HEAVILY favorite but he is favorite to win the fight. I just hope ring rust is not a factor for rampage. I mean the guy hasn’t fought in 14 months.

  4. Narutardpwner92 says:

    @kanguesso LOL dont worry im expecting any scenario, specially since rampage is heavily favored to knock rashad out LOL XD

  5. kanguesso says:

    @Narutardpwner92 Listen dude, The only thing i can tell you at this point is there is only one way to find out. Lets wait to see who’ll be left standing on the 29th. If Rashad knocks Rampage out ,which i highly doubt, i’ll be the first to tell you that you’re a genius. But, If/When Rashad is on his back with doctors shining the flash lights in his face to bring him back to life, boy will you hear from me.

  6. w1a1t1c1h5me4 says:

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  7. Jonnyboy49lol says:

    the song is fight by future world music

  8. iceshark55555 says:

    what song is that in the background, kinda at the end. Its played in the commercials on spike. But idk what its called

  9. jvrdlc says:

    this is a though fight,
    Rampage have heavy hands, but he isnt good on the ground.. on the other hand. Evans is quick and also a wrestler.. like i said, its going to be a though fight..
    all i gotta say, whoever catches who first can win..if rampage catches evans w a straight punch,then it will be it.. but if evans tries to fight in the ground, he might win.. or even standing up too. he also has knockout power..

  10. Narutardpwner92 says:

    @kanguesso OMG your full of CRAP dude. you can have a great chin but were fucking human did you take biology class when you were in school or still are??? there a nerve their its lights out if you get hit right on that spot ur out. training camps well training with bisping and kongo he wont learn much or none at all if anything their learning from rampage LOL rashad trains with top fighters he will be more preapred then rampage most likely.

  11. kanguesso says:

    @Narutardpwner92 Sure you can’t question his power. But you can certainly question the chin of his opponents.Yes, Rampage didn’t put jardine to sleep but he did put on his ass twice. And i think the fact that rampage didn’t put him to sleep had more to do with him coming off of back to back training camps than anything else. Rampage was basically gassed after the first round. When was the last time you saw that happen?

  12. Narutardpwner92 says:

    @kanguesso thats right but you cant question thiago power. he put jardine away did rampage nope instead ram[page got rocked by jardine. lol

  13. kanguesso says:

    @Narutardpwner92 So what if rampage lost to two guys from that camp? Rampage has fought the who’s who in MMA and he took his beatings like a man. He did get revenge via ONE LEFTE HOOK TO THE JAW. Can you Name ONE guy Thiago has defeated that is worth mentioning? Thiago hasn’t beaten ANYONE. What’s all the hype about? Name ONE guy he has defeated that is worth a penny.

  14. Jeter16t says:

    Rampage via KO Round 2. This is pretty tough fight to call though… Rashad could always get a lucky shot. Im still going with Rampage.

  15. Narutardpwner92 says:

    @kanguesso he did lose to rashad. im saying thiago who from chute boxe two guys from their decapitated rampage. their known for some nasty stand up name a guy from their who doesnt have some power. and rashad didnt get k.oed. thiago silva IMO hits much harder than rampage TBH. almost grazing shot what are you smoking it hit him clean on his jaw watch the fight before you jump on rampage BEEF LOL.

  16. kanguesso says:

    @Narutardpwner92 Did i ever say silva didn’t finish his fights? did i say that he lost to rashad? what are going on and on about?

  17. Narutardpwner92 says:

    @kanguesso that made no sense i use facts to support what i say thiago silva has finished all his fight HE won.

  18. kanguesso says:

    @Narutardpwner92 Slow down BUDDY. I seem to remember saying ALMOST a grazing shot. And i did watch the fight. I may have embellished my statement a little bit but i did see the fight. Don’t you find it funny when people tell you to get off a fighter’s dick while at the same time they suck on their favorite fighter’s DICK? what do you think?

  19. Narutardpwner92 says:

    @kanguesso WOW a grazing shot your a fucking idiot do you people watch the fight thiago landed a crisp clean right hook half of the LHW would of been on their ass sleeping get off rampage dick please at least watch the fight before you say something.

  20. retard32145 says:

    got goosebumps!!! this fight will be fucking EPIC!!!!

  21. cannnata5 says:

    what is the name of this song? someone please help

  22. k1llwood says:

    Woooo rampage

  23. ChrisMitre123 says:

    damn straight knock him out rampage.

  24. kanguesso says:

    @JTBoss93 The point is rampage has good takedown defense because he actually has a wrestling back ground unlike Thiago Silva. Remember, Rampage was not always a striker. He is a wrestler turned striker, Much like Liddell used to be. Thiago Silva landed an almost grazing shot on Rushad’s chin and his legs LITERALLY gave out. Better hope rampage doesn’t catch that chin of his because it would be lights out for Rashad.

  25. yoyo22432 says:

    feelin froggy? Jump!

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