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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a U.S.-based mixed martial arts (MMA) organization. Dana White serves as the president of the UFC; Zuffa, LLC, controlled by the casino-moguls Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, owns it .

Inspired by Brazilian vale tudo, the UFC began in Denver, Colorado in 1993 as a single-event tournament designed to find the world’s best fighters, regardless of their fighting style (whether boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu or other disciplines). Although they did prescribe a limited number of rules, promoters marketed fighting in the UFC as no holds barred, and contests were often violent and brutal, leading critics like Senator John McCain to dub the sport “human cockfighting.”[6] Political pressures eventually led the UFC into the underground as pay-per-view providers nixed UFC programming, nearly extinguishing its public visibility.

As political pressure mounted, the UFC reformed itself, slowly embracing stricter rules, becoming sanctioned by State Athletic Commissions, and marketing itself as a legitimate sporting event. Dropping the no holds barred label and carrying the banner of mixed martial arts, the UFC has emerged from its political isolation to regain its position in pay-per-view television.

With a cable-television deal and expansion into Canada, Europe and new markets within the United States, the UFC as of 2009 has gained in popularity, along with greater mainstream-media coverage. As of 2009 viewers can access UFC programming on Spike in the United States and Canada, on ESPN in the United Kingdom as well as in 33 other countries worldwide.


1.The beginning

2.No way out

3.The american dream

4.Revenge of the warriors

5.Return of the beast(1/2)

6.Clash of the titans(1/2)

7.the brawl in buffalo(1/2)

8.David VS Goliath(1/2)

9.Motor cith madness(1/2)

10.The Tournament(1/2)

11.The proving Ground(1/2)

12.Judgment day(1/2)

13.Ultimate force(1/2/3)


15.Gollision course(1/2)

16.Battle in bayou


18. Road to heavy weight title

19.Young guns

20.Battle for the gold

21.Return of the champions

22.Only one can be champion

23.Ultimate Japan 2

24.First defense

25.Ultimate Japan 3

26. Ultimate field of dreams

27.Ultimate bad boyz

28.High stakes

29.Defense of the belts

30.The battle on the boardwalk

31.Locked and loaded

32.Showdown in the meadowlands

33.Victory in begas

34.High voltage


36.Worlds collide

37.High Impact

38.Braw at the hall

39.The warriors teturn



42.Sudden Impact




46.Super Natural

47.It’s on


49.Unfinished business

50.The war of 04

51.Super satruday

52.Couture VS Chuck Lidde

53.Heavy Hitters

54.Boiling Point


56.Full force

57.Liddell Vs Couture 3

58.Usa Vs Canada

59.Reality Check

60.Hughes Vs Gracie

61.Bitter rivals

62.Liddell Vs Sobral

63.Hughes Vs Penn


65.Bad intentions

66.Iddell Vs Ortiz

67.All Or Nothing

68.The Uprising


70.Nations Collide

71.Liddell Vs Jackson






77.Hostile Territory



80.Rapid Fire

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