Thank you TriMOTinHD for sending me this playa. :) UFC 113: Machida vs. Shogun 2 is an upcoming mixed martial arts event to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on May 8, 2010 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Main Card: Lyoto Machida vs Shogun Rua (UFC LHW Championship) Paul Daley vs Josh Koscheck Kimbo Slice vs Matt Mitirone Patrick Cote vs Alan Belcher Jeremy Stephens vs Sam Stout


  1. 19711996rip says:

    lights out for matt after kimbo hits you pack your bag and give the nfl a nother shot cuz kimbo gonna teach you that the ufc isnt the place for a meat head

  2. kagolko says:

    I think it’s pretty much everybody else opinion. except Lyoto him self of course..

  3. fofosowavy94 says:

    i say machida learns a thing or two from anderson and takes this fight to the ground and show off his ground game

  4. shotojojo1986 says:

    @KirbyLovesTacos counter fighting is just as good. And no it does not piss the fans off, it works. He dodges attacks, he would have to be an idiot and try to get hit. Machida going to win like he did last time, and knock his ass out. Shogun has losses for a reason, Machida has never loss, that is why he is the best.

  5. MMA4Life15 says:

    Machida and shogun people thinks theirs gonna be fireworks and a knockout, but that would be sloppy whats gonna happen in my opinion is they are going to come out and because they have already experienced each other they arent gonna use the same gameplan or try to counter act the other ones gameplan they are both intellegant guys that are what hardcore fans love so i say it goes to dicision again because they will be more technical or shogun will focus on takedown and submission

  6. DuCordeiro1987 says:

    SHOGUN .!

  7. kanguesso says:

    Why is it that Americans never know how to pronounce foreign names? It’s not Shogun HUAH, it’s RRRRRRRRRUA!!!

  8. jvrdlc says:

    @pbrlimit hahahahhaahhahaahah true

  9. seanschiesler says:

    @TaylorCLoder you have to beat the champ and not kick his leg for 5 rounds

  10. TaylorCLoder says:

    anyone who thinks Lyoto Machida Won at UFC 104 is stupid, sure he landed good shots, but all he did was run and get lucky shogun busted his lip broke his ribs and did all the damage! and for Josh koscheck vs paul daley, i ike paul but Koscheck is just gonna overwhelm him and use his wrestling to win

  11. sampras1979 says:

    @gabmar95 : True, he´s improving. I like his fights, Daley is going down, he dosen´t belong in the UFC and Koscheck will prove it..

  12. slyashell says:

    If Shogun loses this rematch the Lyoto haters are gonna find themselves needing to comfort each other and looking real stupid in the process.

  13. gabmar95 says:

    I don’t like Koscheck outside the octagon, but he is becoming like Liddell, a wrestler born improving with every fight his knockout power, I mean, you will not take him down, and could be knocked out !

  14. gabmar95 says:

    I don’t like Koscheck outside the octagon, but he is becoming like Liddell, a wrestler born improving with every fight his knockout power, I mean, you will not take him down, and could be knocked out !

  15. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @guitarfella14 eh thats reasonable lol XD

  16. s0ldi3rb0yx says:


  17. dcvien says:

    @KirbyLovesTacos no but he’s a very good skilled fighter. i like him anyway

  18. guitarfella14 says:


    True, but Machida was coming down on Thiago with all of his body weight with that punch.

    Either way, I think Thiago has a pretty weak chin anyways, I’d say Rashad’s is suspect.

  19. CrescentMoonEmpire says:

    give both men their dues. They are very tactical and precise in their strategies. For those that say that machida is boring…these guys are their to win and win according to their skill se4t. In Machida’s case it is more his brain than his punches. The same can be said about shogun. This man has beat among the best, and he stood toe to to with machida better than anyone could…to the point that many think he should have won. Give each man what he deserves.

  20. beast0eater says:

    @pbrlimit machida is a fought like pussy against shogun ! shogun won the fight everybody knows it. i hope mauricio knocks this bitch out

  21. sako1990 says:

    kimbo is gna take matts head off

  22. sako1990 says:

    vote on the poles and give me you opinons about the fight very hard fight to call!


  23. RiMaJJ says:

    Kimbo via Stare Down! lmao

  24. kanarvin says:

    @pbrlimit Shogun will easily impose his will on Lyoto. Leg kicks brother, Machida doesnt have an answer for that.

  25. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @ashjudd really, did u see the fight, i remeber when machida knock him down and while thiago was on the floor with his hands he told machida to come on show me what u got. everytime i hear something about thiago in his fight it wil be hard to believe that.

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